Best tools to help with a full hard disk drive in 2022

Videos, photos, installed games and many other reasons can lead to a full hard disk. With these tools you can clean up and get back free space.

Nowadays hard drives are full of programs, games, pictures and videos. This also affects the owners of SSD drives. You can quickly create space by moving selected data to a second hard drive. But there is not always a second hard disk available and not everyone wants to distribute data on several devices.

With the freeware tools below, we show you how to find and put unnecessary data into the virtual trash can and free space on your hard disk.

Duplicate files are annoying when hard disk space is scarce. The freeware DoubleKiller scans the hard drive for duplicates and removes these. A tool such as TreeSize does not delete anything, but helps chasing file heavyweights. It analyzes the space consumption and quickly shows the biggest space wasters.

Treesize Free

In the age of films and music files on the PC, no hard drive can be large enough in the long term. With Treesize, you can quickly track down the biggest memory guzzlers.

Treesize Free on UpdateStar | Download

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder

The practical tool EF Duplicate MP3 Finder helps to track down the same or similar music files that are present several times on the hard disk or the server and thus take up unnecessary space.

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder on UpdateStar | Download

Duplicate Cleaner

The freeware Duplicate Finder finds duplicate files of all kinds and helps you to delete them. You may be able to free up a lot of hard disk space.

Duplicate Cleaner on UpdateStar | Download


Dispose of temporary garbage: The freeware AppCleaner is a cleaning tool that frees your hard drive from unnecessary data garbage, cleans up the registry and removes internet traces. So you not only get a faster Windows, but also a cleaner system.

AppCleaner on UpdateStar | Download


Find memory guzzlers: Xinorbis is a program that shows you the distribution of your files on the hard drive in diagrams, tables or a tree structure.

Xinorbis on UpdateStar | Download

Revo Uninstaller

Alternative to the Windows uninstaller: With the freeware Revo Uninstaller you can remove unwanted and unnecessary software quickly, reliably and conveniently.

Revo Uninstaller on UpdateStar | Download

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