Thunderbird 102.0.3 available

The minor update offers some bug fixes.

With the latest major update to version 102, Thunderbird received various innovations. The first patches followed with version 102.0.1 and version 102.0.2.

More bug fixes are coming now as part of Thunderbird 102.0.3. The new program version is available for Windows from version 7, macOS from version 10.12 and Linux from GTK+ 3.14.

You can get the update by going to the About Thunderbird section in Thunderbird and checking the current version of the program. The update should then be obtained automatically. The change does not happen automatically if you are still using Thunderbird 91 or older.

Version 102.0.3 drops support for Google Talk chats and includes further bug fixes. Thunderbird should no longer crash when starting under Windows 11. Improvements are said to have been made in the stability of IMAP. The full changelog can be viewed here.


  • After compacting folders, new downloaded messages were inaccessible

  • Marking a message as a Favorite (starred) did not update the thread pane when using Unified Folders

  • Compose window failed to populate some fields when S/MIME was configured

  • Non-text attachments has an incorrect "charset=windows-1250" mime header

  • Messages sent as attachments incorrectly had an "X-Mozilla-Cloud-Part" header

  • Improved Address Book import/export support in Profile Importer

and more.

Users can download the new version from UpdateStar or from the official website.

Thunderbird on UpdateStar | Download

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