New Chrome 79 for Android version deletes data

The distribution of the Android version has been stopped.

After Google updated to Chrome version 79 for Android, many users reported that not all data from Chrome 78 had been transferred. The distribution of the Android version has now been stopped.

Some who have already downloaded the latest update to Google Chrome 79 for Android will find that some apps no longer work as usual. The reason for this, however, is not the browser itself, but the Chrome-based WebView, on which many applications save data.

When updating to Chrome 79, the migration of the storage locations apparently did not succeed. The result is that the data has disappeared in various apps. Registration information and adjustments to the apps are no longer available.

In the official forum, some developers of third-party apps even speak of a disaster. Those who have already upgraded to Chrome 79 will have to wait for Google to fix the bug. Analyzes have apparently shown that the data is still available, but can no longer be found or loaded by the applications. There are currently two approaches: Continue the migration and move the missing files to their new location, or undo the change by resetting the migrated files to their old location.

Google has removed Chrome 79 downloads from the Play Store. The previous version is now available there again.

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