New version of CCleaner available

The Windows cleaning tool brings minor changes.

The CCleaner is a famous choice when it comes to freeing the computer of garbage data. Version 5.73 has now been released and brings minor changes.

Has your computer recently become significantly slower? This is a common occurrence and may be due to junk data that accumulates on the system over time. With cleaning tools such as the CCleaner, you can get rid of these old burdens and speed up your computer again. The popular free tool can now be downloaded in the new version 5.73.

The CCleaner comes in three flavors, the adware version, the portable version and the ad-free slim version. Stay away from the adware version, as it brings annoying advertisements to your computer. Instead, get the portable CCleaner version or the slim version. You can also switch to the ad free alternative AppCleaner.

The CCleaner version 5.73 shows more clearly whether it is a licensed version of CCleaner and aims to simplify the reactivation of expired licenses. In addition, the usability of the software has been improved when using the Windows assistive technology.

Download CCleaner from the CCleaner website. Here you can also find the Slim and Portable versions.

Download the alternative AppCleaner from the UpdateStar website.

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