Free video conferencing tools in COVID-19 times

We show you free tools for video conferencing that offer useful additional functions.

Whether you are participating in a video conference call from a computer or from a mobile device, there is a suitable solution for every platform. Below you find video chat tools and video conference systems.


Skype offers free group video calls for up to ten people. Skype is easy to use, but typical business functions are missing. These are reserved for teams. Companies can rely on their own servers or use the service via Office 365.

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Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams you chat with other users. Group chats are also possible. But phone calls and even video calls are also possible. Important: Because of the corona crisis, you can use the teams that are part of Office 365 until January 2021.

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With Mikogo, Snapview is providing a video conference solution. The focus is on the presentation of information to up to 25 people. Audio data can be transmitted over the Internet or over a telephone line. Participation in conferences is possible via a web browser, but the developers also provide software for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. You can register for Mikogo free of charge and use it for example VoIP. The Pro version with all functions can be tested for 14 days free of charge.

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Gotomeeting from Citrix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable as a simple free solution via the trial version, which you can use for 14 days. Citrix sold the service to Logmein. Since then, the company has been responsible for operating the conference solution. Gotomeeting Starter allows you to video chat and share data with up to 10 participants at the same time.

The more extensive pro version offers more possibilities for conference solutions. It is a fully developed conference system that supports up to 250 spectators. Features include screen sharing, on-screen collaborative editing, text messaging, and the ability to participate on a phone.

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Cisco's Webex is a competitor product of Citrix Gotomeetings. The two applications are almost equivalent. Fully developed video conferencing functions such as desktop sharing, whiteboarding, collaborative document management and remote access to participants' computers are available for meetings with up to 100 participants.

Cisco Webex is generally free for a single user. Because of the corona crisis, up to 100 users in a company can now use Cisco Webex for up to 90 days free of charge and without time restrictions. Cisco gives details of this offer here. The offer for companies is valid for 90 days and can then be converted into a paid subscription, but this is not mandatory.

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Bitrix24 is a comprehensive online solution for task and project management including cloud storage. This also enables group chats and video calls up to video conferences. Bitrix24 offers various tariff models. The Free tariff is permanently free of charge for individuals and small companies with up to 12 employees.

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Tiny Chat

Tiny Chat is an online video chat community in which video chat rooms are created with two clicks and no registration is required. The Pro version removes the ads and offers a few other advantages.

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Amazon Chime

Amazon offers the video conference service Amazon Chime via Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can test all functions in the Pro version free of charge for 30 days. After the 30 test days, you can continue to use Amazon Chime Basic free of charge for as long as you want. Alternatively, you can use the paid functions of Amazon Chime Pro.

Fees apply only to the modules you use. Chime is in direct competition with Skype for Business and Cisco Webex. The video conference service can also be used on smartphones and tablets via apps.

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With the free Vsee cloud service, users can create video conferences. The screen content can also be shared with the application. In addition to Windows and macOS, there is also an app for iOS devices for the application. If you want to use the service professionally, you can expect a free trial to start at USD 49 a month. The application works with encryption and also offers the possibility of exchanging data.

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Own cloud

Own Cloud can be used to build a private cloud environment based on open source, with which connected users can easily save and share documents, photos, videos, but also appointments and contacts. In addition, the video conference Spreed is integrated in Own Cloud. This means that an open source solution can be used to set up your own video conference system.

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Remobo is available free of charge. With the tool, users can establish data connections over the Internet. Data exchange is just as possible as remote control of computers and video conferences. Communication is also possible via the encrypted line. Remobo is also available for macOS and Linux. After the tool is installed, the user must create a user account for Remobo. An assistant is available to help with the setup.

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With the cloud-based Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow service, employees and customers can handle all activities via chat, audio or video calls. Rainbow is available in four versions: Essential (free), Business, Enterprise and Enterprise Conference. With the Enterprise version, up to 50 conference participants can communicate with each other.

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