Update: Firefox 96.0.1 because of problems with 96

The update to Firefox 96 fixes more than 18 security vulnerabilities.

Update for the version 96 problems:

On January 13, Firefox experienced a total failure. Mozilla just released the brand new Firefox 96. But according to many user reports, the browser suddenly stopped working. The update service didn't work either, and many users received crash reports instead.

The emergency Firefox 96.0.1 can now be found on the Mozilla update servers. The new version is not yet actively distributed and the release notes are still in progress. The quickly released update is problably related to the problems descibed above.

Firefox 96 processes websites faster

Firefox 96 processes websites faster. The update is now being delivered to users. Firefox 96 for Windows, macOS and Linux is available via the auto update function in the browser. According to the developers, one of the most important innovations is a reduction in the main thread load, which leads to shorter loading times.

There is also some improvement in the noise suppression and an automatic gain control, which leads to a better overall experience when surfing with sound.

The update to Firefox 96 fixes more than 18 security vulnerabilities, of which Mozilla classified nine as high risk. Three of these vulnerabilities are related to full screen mode. In two cases, exploiting the loopholes would result in the browser no longer being able to exit full-screen mode. Further vulnerabilities could lead to a program crash, in which injected code could be executed. Attacks on Firefox vulnerabilities are currently not known.

Firefox 96 for Android offers increased protection of user privacy by introducing full cookie protection. This prevents cookies from tracking the user while surfing the Internet. Further details on this innovation can be found in this blog post.

If you have already installed Firefox, it is best to use the update function integrated in Firefox. This will automatically provide you with the update Firefox 96 as soon as it is available for your Firefox.

You can download the latest version here.

Firefox on UpdateStar | Download

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