Important McAfee Enterprise 5.7.5 update available

A vulnerability classified as critical has been fixed.

A vulnerability has been discovered in the popular McAfee antivirus software. The vulnerability is classified as critical and hackers can use it to gain access to user computers in order to install malware.

Bleeping Computer reports the McAfee Agent is affected, a McAfee software, which manages downloads of new guidelines for end user devices and also distributes antivirus signatures and patches to user computers. But the criminals would need local access to the computer to do so. No methods are known that would also enable remote access. With local access, the attackers can gain the highest level of authorization in Windows.

The enterprise version of McAfee is affected, so the vulnerability will probably primarily affect companies. If you are using this antivirus software, you should update it as soon as possible. In the current version of McAfee Enterprise, 5.7.5, the problem has already been fixed by the manufacturer. If you are still using a version prior to this update, you should download the patch.

Find more information about the version 7.5.7 update in the Release Notes.

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