Chrome 75 update brings hidden Reader Mode

The new Reader Mode will display web pages pleasantly readable without distractions.

Recently, Mozilla released a new version of Firefox and now Google follows with an update to Chrome 75. With the release of the new Chrome version 75 developers fix 42 security issues including two issues which received a severity rating of high, the second-highest rating available. Find more information in the Chrome Releases blog.

Reader Mode

Google announced in its release notes Chrome 75 offers a hidden Reader Mode. With this feature activated the text of web pages will display pleasantly readable without distractions and without ads. The Reader Mode is not yet activated by default.

To activate the Reader Mode load the address chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode and manually enable the mode. Simply switch from Disabled to Enabled and restart Chrome.

Chrome Dark Mode

Desktop users can check manually for the available update and install the update right away. Android users have to wait for the new version to be pushed to their phone. The browser should display version 75.0.3770.80 after the update has been installed on the About Chrome page. Don't forget to restart the browser to complete the update process!

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