Windows 11 version 23H2 update available

There has been speculation for a long time about a release in October, but now it has just happened. Users expect a lot of new features.

Microsoft releases the biggest Windows update of the year! Microsoft launched the next Windows 11 version 23H2. There has been speculation for a long time about a release in October, but now it has just happened. Users expect a lot of new features.

Windows 11 23H2 is a major functional update that Microsoft wants to bring to users' systems. Microsoft delivers a lot of new features and leaves the core system the same.

If you are using the latest Windows 11, you can get the new features on your system one by one in advance. Then a small enablement package is sufficient on the deadline to activate the new functions. Many of the features included in 23H2 have already made it into 22H2 with the Moment 4 update.

It is therefore advisable to update Windows 11 to version 22H2, which can be done via Windows Update. Microsoft recommends activating the Get the latest updates as soon as they are available switch in the update settings.

Alternatively, the Windows 11 installation assistant can also get the new Windows version. Due to the many Windows 12 rumors, there is speculation that Windows 11 23H2 could perhaps be the last Windows 11 release.

AI update for Windows 11

The biggest feature news with Windows 11 23H2 is the AI integration. Microsoft uses an AI copilot on the desktop. The Windows Copilot should sit as a sidebar on the right edge of the screen and can be shown and hidden using a new icon in the taskbar or using the shortcut [Windows] + [C].

You can do the following things with the copilot:

  • Use Bing Chat: Microsoft is building the sidebar for the copilot as a shrunken Edge page. You can use the new Bing search with all its finesse, so you can get help with everyday tasks and research.

  • Give Windows commands: You can use Copilot to change some Windows settings, such as turning on Bluetooth or taking a screenshot. At the moment, this all has to be regulated by text input with the chatbot, which then always asks.

Microsoft is also building AI into Windows in other places, such as recommendations in the Microsoft Store.

Features for Explorer and Taskbar

The address bar of the Explorer moves up so that the Explorer is even more adapted to the look of a browser.

The detail area that appears on the right edge has also been redesigned. You no longer have to laboriously activate the ad in the Ads section, but now there is a button for it. The detailed view shows a larger preview of the file, along with two buttons for properties and sharing.

Explorer can handle Zip files, and now additionally formats such as 7-Zip or RAR are also supported. Users can easily unpack them by right-clicking or double-clicking. Important: If you want to create archives yourself, you can currently only pack ZIP files.

In the taskbar, Windows 11 23H2 revives functions from Windows 10: Icons can be displayed with labels and if several windows of the same program are open, they are no longer necessarily grouped.

Windows 11 23H2 also brings these innovations

  • New backup program for data backups
  • Additional spotlight options for wallpapers
  • HDR backgrounds, appropriate screens provided
  • New emojis
  • Settings on the main page are displayed as interactive modules
  • The WiFi password can be displayed more easily via the network settings
  • Task Manager has received revised settings
  • Updates to widgets
  • Revised sharing settings with people search
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