Update for the Tor Browser 8.0.9 for Windows

The new Tor browser version solves an issue in Mozilla's add-on signing platform

With the Tor Browser is basically a Firefox browser, which is secured via built-in plug-ins and automatically connects to the Tor network. In addition to the Tor browser package for Windows and macOS, apps for Android and iOS are also available.

This browser comes with several add-ons installed that improve your privacy. For example it includes NoScript, which blocks most JavaScript from execution. Scripts may be used legitimate by websites, but can also be used for fingerprinting, tracking, and malicious attacks.


The current release 8.0.9 uses the Firefox browser in ESR version 60.6.2, which finally supports add-ons. After a glitch at Mozilla last week, browser extensions in Firefox and the Tor browser could not be used anymore.

Users can download the new version from UpdateStar or from the official website.

Tor Browser on UpdateStar | Download

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