Security updates for Chromium-based browsers

After the update for Chrome 84 other Chromium-based browsers Edge, Brave, Vivaldi and Opera have followed.

In the new Chrome version 84.0.4147.105 for Windows, macOS and Linux, Google developers have fixed several security holes. The update was released on the evening of July 27th.

In the meantime, several manufacturers of Chromium-based browsers have provided updates for their software. But not all of them are already up to date with the latest version of Chrome.

Microsoft updated its Edge browser two days later to address the same vulnerabilities. The latest version is number 84.0.522.49. You can check whether your Edge installation is already up-to-date by selecting the "Help and Feedback" entry in the menu and selecting the "Information about Microsoft Edge" sub-item. If Edge is not up to date, it will automatically get the latest update.

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