Recommended: Uninstall these data stealing browser extensions

These Chrome and Firefox browser extensions illegally collected user data. We highly recomend to get rid of these extensions.

Cybersecurity researcher Sam Jadali has published a data leak which affected 4 million users according to a report. The leak named DataSpii used innocent-looking Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. These extensions illegally collected users’ browser data including sensitive information such as medical records, credit card information, travel itineraries, online shopping history and more.

The eight extensions involved in the data leak are:

  • Branded Surveys for Chrome
  • FairShare Unlock for Chrome and Firefox
  • HoverZoom for Chrome
  • Panel Community Surveys for Chrome
  • PanelMeasurement for Chrome
  • Helper for Firefox
  • SpeakIt! for Chrome
  • SuperZoom for Chrome and Firefox

You can also find the list of compromised extensions in Jadali's full report, titled Dataspii.

Researcher Jadali reported these activities to Chrome and Mozilla. They remotely disabling the add-ons and removed these from their marketplaces.

It is highly recommended to uninstall the affected extensions right away, if you have them installed.

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