Protect yourself from a CryptBot infection

The malware CryptBot infects Windows PCs and steals user data.

A new variant of the well-known malware CryptBot infects Windows PCs and steals user data. Read below how the malicious program spreads.

The attackers have streamlined the new version of CryptBot and removed functionality. The now smaller size is intended to make the malware less conspicuous and less easy to detect.

On the other hand, the hackers also made the latest version of CryptBot more powerful. It no longer only searches for specific file paths in the Chrome browser installation on the infected computers, but now searches all file paths.

This way, the malware avoids error messages about non-existent paths. With this adjustment, CryptBot can, for example, also steal information stored in newer Chrome versions, such as cookie data.

New malware spreads via download websites

The new CryptBot variant, which is described in detail here, does not spread by e-mail. The new CryptBot variant lurks on download websites that usually offer pirated copies of games and user software for download.

The cyber gangsters even optimized their websites for Google so that they can be found more easily when searching for relevant pirated copies. This has been reported by the news site Bleeping Computer. By clicking on a download button, the visitor is redirected and lands on the page from which the pirated copy can be downloaded.

CryptBot only infects Windows machines, Linux PCs and Macs are not at risk. On the infected Windows computer, CryptBot can steal all sorts of information such as saved browser credentials, cookies, browsing history, cryptocurrency wallets, credit card information, and files.

Protective measures

In addition to the usual recommendations to keep your installed software up-to-date, especially use the latest virus scanner and install Windows updates, simply do not download and install software from unknown websites to protect yourself from an infection with CryptBot.

Install software only from trusted download sites such as UpdateStar downloads are virus checked and safe to install. You can also always use the official Microsoft Windows app store or get your downloads from the official manufacturer websites of the respective software.

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