New Chrome version 92.0.4515.157 available

New security update for Chrome fixes 9 vulnerabilities

Google has released the second security update for the Chrome 92 browser. The developers have eliminated nine security vulnerabilities. The new Chrome version 92.0.4515.157 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux as well as for Android.

The Chrome Release Blog lists seven fixed vulnerabilities that external security researchers have discovered and reported to Google. All of these loopholes are identified as high risk. In addition, there are other internally found vulnerabilities, about which Google, as always, does not provide any information.

Google plans to release Chrome 93 on August 31st. After that, Google wants to pick up the pace and, like Mozilla, bring out a new major version every four weeks with Firefox. Chrome 94 is scheduled for September 21st.

Chrome updates are available through the built-in update functionality. They are usually downloaded and installed automatically. If you do not want to wait, you can also initiate the update manually under Help ยป About Google Chrome.

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