Microsoft September 2022 Patch Tuesday fixes 63 problems

Be sure to load the Microsoft updates quickly, as one vulnerability is already being exploited.

With the September 2022 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft fixes 63 problems in Windows, Office and other Microsoft software. And there is one vulnerability that is public knowledge and already being exploited. So make sure to make use of the Microsoft updates quickly.

Microsoft reports attacks on Windows affecting a system component. To be protected against this, there are updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 available. Do not wait to install the updates.

The Zero Day Initiative blog offers detailed descriptions of the vulnerabilities. There are 64 issues, five of which received a critical rating. The large remainder are given the classification important only, which is less urgent. One of these bugs is currently being exploited and therefore deserves special attention.

The problem is in the Windows log file system. An attacker could run code with elevated privileges in this area. For this to work, however, someone has to be persuaded to click a specific link or run a specific file, for example using a phishing attack. You can eliminate the vulnerability with an update.

The easiest way to update is via Windows Update. The so-called cumulative updates for September 2022 should already be offered to you there. A mouse click is then sufficient to install the updates and restart the system.

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