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The Chromium-based browser with a focus on security.

Comodo Dragon is the open source Chromium-based browser of the security company Comodo with a focus is on security.

This project has the same basis as Google Chrome, which is why the Comodo Dragon browser looks a bit like Chrome. It has all the advantages of the Chrome browser. Each tab has its own process. If a tab crashes, it will not crash the browser. The loading speed of websites is comparable to that of the Google browser.

The difference between the two browsers are additional privacy settings in Comodo Dragon and the ability of the Dragon browser to check SSL certificates. The Dragon Browser is also more stable than Chrome, has a lower memory load and a Privacy Mode stops cookies. Due to the high similarity, Chrome users are likely to find it easy to switch, if you wish.

Comodo Dreagon at a glance

  • Keep you safe and secure
  • Give you unsurpassed speed
  • Friendly user interface to start
  • Provide Customized plugins and add-ons
  • End crashes or frozen windows

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