Critical Windows patch KB5006738 available

The update fixes problems such as missing subtitles in videos, black lockscreens and printer problems.

Microsoft's latest patch KB5006738 is supposed to solve a number of problems such as missing subtitles in videos, black lock screens and printer problems. But you have to take action yourself by installing this optional update.

The update KB5006738 is intended to solve problems with the display of subtitles in certain video apps and on video streaming sites. Certain VPN problems and problems with Bitlocker recovery should also be resolved. A memory leak is also closed by this update and a problem that led to a black lock screen if you activated a slide show as a lock screen should be a thing of the past.

Microsoft also promises that KB5006738 together with the also published KB5006745 for Windows Server will solve all outstanding printer problems. This mainly concerns problems with network printers in the corporate environment. So far, for example, setting up a network printer using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) has failed. The full list of all issues fixed by KB5006738 can be found here at Microsoft.

This cumulative update KB5006738 is not yet delivered to all Windows computers via Windows Update, but is currently available as an optional preview update for Windows computers with Windows 10 2004, Windows 10 20H2 or Windows 10 21H1 available. After installing the patch, the build numbers of the Windows versions change as follows:

Windows 10 2004: Build 19041.1320 Windows 10 20H2: Build 19042.1320 Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1320

Unless problems with KB5006738 are discovered after all, KB5006738 will then be played out to all compatible Windows 10 computers as part of the Microsoft patch day in November 2021.

How to install KB5006738

If you want to install KB5006738 earlier, you can do so via the Windows settings under Windows Update and manually start the search for available updates and then install KB5006738 yourself. Alternatively, you can also find the update here in the Microsoft Update Catalog to download and install.

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