Secure data deletion tools. We show you which tools you can use.

Because erotic pictures, confidential emails or personal documents should sometimes permanently deleted safely. Or even the entire hard drive.

When you delete files on a Windows computer, the operating system simply moves the deleted files to the trash bin. These files can easily be restored. Even after emptying the trash bin, these files can be restored. This can be done with specialized tools such as O&O MediaRecovery. You can easily recover accidentally deleted media files.

Such software can be used to scan hard drives, USB sticks, or SD memory cards. That is why it is highly recommended to safely delete data by using software tools for safe deletion of data. These deletion tools work by overwriting the selected files with random data and multiple times using different methods. Only by overwriting a recovery becomes impossible or at least extremely complex.


In order to prevent the data from being reconstructed, the Abylon Shredder overwrites the data up to a maximum of 35 times depending on the shredder level set (Peter Gutmann method).

abylon SHREDDER on UpdateStar | Download

East-Tec Eraser

The tool also permanently deletes visited websites, unwanted cookies, chat room conversations, deleted mail messages and temporary files.

East-Tec Eraser on UpdateStar | Download

ArchiCrypt Shredder

The Shareware ArchiCrypt Shredder is a tool to permanently delete sensitive data from the hard drive. Optionally, the delete function can be integrated in the context menu of Windows.

ArchiCrypt Shredder on UpdateStar | Download


HDShredder also supports Firewire and SATA II media in the deletion campaigns.

HDShredder on UpdateStar | Download

O&O SafeErase Professional Edition

The tool overwrites the disk in up to 35 runs in different ways with random data.

O&O SafeErase Professional Edition on UpdateStar | Download


Eraser deletes on demand or via the scheduler. With On Demand, the user selects the data to be overwritten and can start the deletion process immediately. Folders are added to the scheduler that have to be emptied regularly.

Eraser on UpdateStar | Download

Secure Eraser

The Secure Eraser clicks into the context menu so that the deletion routines are always just a click away.

Secure Eraser on UpdateStar | Download

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