New Firefox 72.0.2 with bug fixes

Firefox 72.0.2 is available for download and fixes some bugs of Firefox 72.0.1.

Mozilla has released an update for its browser with Firefox 72.0.2. This update does not offer new functionality, but fixes some problems of the previous version Firefox 72.0.1, which Mozilla released on January 9, 2020.

For example, the developers solved a problem with opening files if they contained spaces in the path. A problem was also solved, which led to a delayed execution when opening the saved access data if the master password was activated.

The developers also fixed a compatibility problem with the so-called "CSS Shadow Parts" from Firefox 72. It should be particularly important for most users that the developers fixed performance problems when playing 1080p videos in full screen mode. In addition, Firefox 72.0.2 should also bring some stability improvements.

Unlike Firefox 72.0.1, Firefox 72.0.2 is not a security update and therefore does not close any security vulnerabilities. If you have already installed Firefox, the update will be offered for installation within the browser. You have to restart Firefox after installation.

Read more about the new version in the Release Notes.

Firefox 72.0.2 will install via the browser's auto-update function. Alternatively you can download the latest version here.

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