Google Drive version 58 available

The update provides users with some innovations.

Google is currently distributing version 58 of its Google Drive software for Windows and macOS. Users streaming their content can now see how disk space is being used and unpin files to reclaim disk space if needed. The storage dashboard is located in the Offline Files section of the Google Drive app settings.

On Mac computers Google Drive for desktop will introduce a change in the next few versions that will affect macOS users. This update adds support for File Provider, a feature introduced by Apple in macOS 12.3 that provides native support for accessing cloud-based file systems like Google Drive.

The changes do not affect the core functionality of Drive for desktop, but users will notice some slight changes in functionality. These include the following:

  • Users streaming their files can access the contents of their drive in the Places section of the Finder sidebar, in a folder called Google Drive

  • When users drag items in or out of a Google Drive folder, the files are moved rather than copied

  • When sync is paused, users cannot download files

  • Content is cached on the same volume as the home directory

You can download the latest version here.

Google Drive on UpdateStar | Download

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