CCleaner 6 available for download

Offers the new Performance Optimizer feature and more.

The new Performance Optimizer offers clever automation to make your Windows faster. If you want to clean your computer from clutter to make it a little faster, try the CCleaner. With the new version 6, the developers have given the popular computer cleaner a new module that is intended to significantly increase the performance of your Windows computer.

CCleaner 6.00: New performance features

The update to version 6.00 offers some new functionality. This includes, above all, the new Performance Optimizer feature, which promises up to 34% more speed for your computer.

On the left in the main menu you will find a brand new module that, after a short investigation, finds numerous performance brakes and fixes them with one click. This is how it works:

  • Scans background applications
  • Switches unnecessary apps to sleep mode
  • Reduces the system load
  • Wakes up apps when they are needed again

In addition, some bugs have been fixed and the cleaning routines have been expanded, for example on Windows Software Distribution and software logs.

You can find all changes in detail in the official change log.

To install the update, download the current version of CCleaner and run the setup. The previous version is simply overwritten, a previous deinstallation is not necessary.

Download CCleaner from the CCleaner website. Here you can also find the Slim and Portable versions.

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