Why you should use a password manager

How you can easily generate strong passwords for your accounts.

Do you use weak passwords or the same password for multiple accounts online? Is your password password or 123456789. A simple nine-digit password can be cracked in only 15 minutes nowadays. That is why password like this should never be used for your accounts. It is the same with other simple passwords such as names or birthdays. Just don't use these!

So what can you do? The secure solution is to use strong random character passwords such as 6iL5y$Lz#JEbx$A for example. This kind of password is much more secure and very hard to crack. It is unlikely you will remember this password. That is where password managers such as Sticky Password come into play.

Sticky Password

A good password manager keeps your passwords encrypted on your computer. It offers strong password generation for every new account automatically and can only be accessed with a master password.

If you are not using a password manager so far, you should give it a try!

Web browsers nowadays also offer to save and remember your passwords. But these built-in password managers cannot compete with professional password managers. Browsers might store passwords unencrypted on your computer and they do not offer the create random character passwords. Browser also miss other important features such as cross-device or cross-platform syncing which can be found in professional password managers.

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