Corona time-out: While at home you could take care of these three computer tasks

Life is currently restricted by the Corona crisis. We show you how to take care of some computer tasks that always have to wait to get done.

Life is currently restricted by the Corona crisis for many users and they spend more time with their computers. If you want to be productive, you now have the time to tackle those computer tasks which usually do not get done in time. We have 3 ideas for you!

Idea 1: Create a backup

How old is your latest backup? Right, too old! You should always have a complete backup of all your important data. Tools like *UpdateStar LocalBackup help you with this. Just consider which files are particularly important to you and add them to your backup strategy.

Download UpdateStar Local Backup here!

Idea 2: Clean up your photo collection

Creating and collecting loads of photos and videos usually happens fast, but the collection never get taken care of often. Now you can find copies of the same photos you have stored and screen and sort your photo collection. Tools like XnView help you with this task.

Download XnView here!

Idea 3: Optimize Windows data protection

Windows 10 is not easy to understand when it comes to data protection. With O&O ShutUp10 you can make sure to have the correct setting for your data protection. You will be surprised how many settings there are. This tool offers recommended setting changes for a data sensible configuration. And to prevent anything from going wrong, ShutUp10 creates a system restore point before making any changes to your Windows installation.

Download O&O ShutUp10 here!

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